Mark Knopfler Gear Database

Here the ultimate  gear database with all of Mark Knopfler guitars, amps and effects will be established.

Also check out: Gear used on all songs for all albums


Electric Solid Body

Under construction: Some of the most important electric guitars are finished, check out regularly for updates here !!

(Fender, Schecter,
Pensa, Fernandes..)
Fender Strat ’61Fender Strat ’62Fender Strat ’54MK Signature Strat SE00000MK Signature Strat SE00001Various MK Sign. Strats
Schecter Strat red (main)Schecter Strat red (2nd)Schecter Strat sunburstSchecter Strat sunburstSchecter Strat whitecoming
Fernandes Strat bluePensa MK 80Fender Strat blackanother Stratanother Stratand another one


Telecaster (Fender, Schecter,..)
thumb-schecter-tele-redSchecter Telecaster redSchecter Telecaster blackFender Custom TelecasterFender Tele-
caster 1954
Fender Tele-
caster black


Les PaulGibson Les Paul Standard 1958Gibson Les Paul
Standard 1959
Gibson Les Paul
Gibson Les Paul
Gibson Les Paul
R9 blue
Les Paul


Pensa Suhr Mk / Pensa Mk
pensa-suhr-mk1-thumbPensa Suhr
Mk1 1988
Pensa Suhr
black 1987

Pensa Mk II
Pensa Suhr
Neck & Neck
Pensa blue P90 Pensa Golden Heart





Main Amps on Stage  (chronologically)
Fender VibroluxFender Twin ReverbMusic Man HD 130 212Mesa Boogie Mk IIbJim Kelley FACSSoldano SLO 100

KometTone King ImperialReinhardt


Other amps
Roland Jazz ChorisCrate VC 50 212Marshall JTMVox AC 15Fender VibroverbSoldano SLO 100


Effects & Misc

10 thoughts on “Mark Knopfler Gear Database

  1. Hi,

    my idea would be to sort the equipment after the years and/or tours it was used. For example there should be a small list which shows the tours like ‘1996 – Golden Heart Tour’ and after you click on that link you can see which guitars, amps, effects, strings… were used during that tour on which song.

    That arrangement would be similiar to the first DS/MK (which guitar on which song) guitar page but also would offer a better detailed overview of the gear that was used. Of course it only makes sense if it doesn’t make too much work!

    Best wishes


  2. In the video the sound the acoustic veosirn seemed to be pretty good. I have no doubt in my mind that a true acoustic or electric sound can be replicated by a computer. Look at all the modeling products on the market. My major concern about this is the look. The narrator asked a question at the start of the video. “Why has there been no change in guitars in over 50 years is it because we are traditionalist?” I guess to some degree I am. I am concerned not so much about the sounds but about the look of the guitar to me a guitar has to first thing sound great, second play great, and then third and I suppose this makes me a little vain but needs to look good. To me a guitar is more than just an instrument it is almost a piece of art. I like the finishes the wood grains the colors and even the pickups gold chrome whatever. So I guess I am all for the computer recreation. But in the end let’s try to maintain some of the beauty on the art end of the instrument.

  3. Hi Ingo,

    Do you plan to update this section? I find it very interesting. You could add information from the National Style O?

    Thank you very much and greetings

  4. Hi Ingo,
    what is the price of used MK signature now and is there still some place where i can find new one (in Europe if possibile) ?

    1. I can’t tell where the prices are, simply because I have hardly seen any being offered in the last months. I guess they are rising fast as everyone who has one seems to be lucky he bought it before it suddenly was discontinued.

      I had one for sale until shortly but it is sold, and I don’t know of any shop that still has one.

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