Mark Knopfler’s JTM 45 Marshall amp of Money for Nothing and Brothers in Arms

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In Guy Fletcher’s last recording diary he had a photo of Mark Knopfler’s old Marshall amp with the matching cabinet. This seems to be the same amp that was used on the original recording of both Money for Nothing and Brothers in Arms. Marshall’s first amps were basically copies of the tweed Fender Bassman. They had the same circuit and consequently the same controls, although they looked completely different. The Fender Bassman was a combo amp with four 10″ speakers, while the Marshall was just a head that was set on a cabinet with four 12″ speakers which Marshall originall intended to be used for bass. This first model was the JTM 45. JTM is said to stand for Jim + Terry Marshall (I have […]

Easy stuff for beginners

Calling Elvis chord analysis – Major, minor, no-third, power chords

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This time I will start with some very basic stuff: major and minor chords. Every guitar beginner soon learns that there is e.g. an A major chord, and an A minor chord. Obviously they are similar, they just differ in one single note (in case of the first position chords, in the example it is either the 2nd (A) or 1st (Am) fret on the b string). You need to understand that both a major and a minor chord consists of three different notes: the first, the third, and the fifth note of the corresponding scale. Example: Take the C major scale (C D E F G A B C), notes number 1,3 & 5 are: C E G These are the notes a  C […]