Two pickups on the National Style-O on the Nelson Mandela concert

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I guess most of you know the the Dire Straits concert at the Nelon Mandela 70th birthday tribute concert in Wembley Stadium, 1988, and have probably – just like me –  watched the video of it many times. I at least have never noticed that on this gig Mark has two output jacks on the famous National Style-O, have you? One of the two, the one with the lower output jack, is definitely the Ashworth pickup (AJ21)  he already had during the Brothers in Arms era, just compare the look and position of the cable to the famous CD cover picture. The Ashworth is a passive piezo element pickup. About the other we have no information yet. We can see that that the cable runs […]

Dire Straits/ Mark Knopfler live pictures and videos

Clips from Guitar Stories

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******************* Update: Soon after Sky Arts aired  Guitar Stories, the full video appeared on youtube:   ******************* As most fans will already know,   Sky Arts 1 will broadcast Guitar Stories on October 16 at 10pm  (some more info on Guitar Stories’ facebook page). Presented by John Illsley, Mark talks about his most important guitars. In addition to the first trailer, a few more preview clips appeared recently which I put together for you here: Trailer: Clips 1 – 4: The National Style-O 1961 Fender Stratocaster Hofner V2 Another clip, with the 1958 Les Paul, cannot be embedded. You can watch it directly on youtube.