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Suggestions what you would like to see here

This weekend is a rather busy one, so not too much time for the blog so far:(

This blog is online for less than two weeks, and the number of readers is steadily increasing, thank you a lot.

I was wondering if I can go on blogging about this stuff forever or if I will run out of topics or ideas , so I made a list with concrete blog entries I can do next. Within a few minutes I had a list of almost 50 ideas 🙂

So, there should be a lot of things you can look forward to. On this list were some goodies like interesting news about Dire Straits gear, a/b-listening comparisions between different kind of gear (e.g. vintage guitar vs new ones, vintage amps vs. modelling solutions), music theory, recording techniques, fun stuff, and more.

Maybe I should use this post to ask you guys out there what you might be interested in in particular, it might help to decide what to do next, or to add another 50 ideas to my list 🙂

Why don’t you simply use the comment function at the end of this post (you don’t even have to leave an email, it is very simple and quick) for suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Suggestions what you would like to see here

  1. Hi Ingo!

    Still remember me? 😛
    I see you’re still trying to make people post, so I guess I’ll just give it a shot.

    What I’d find quite interesting would be a small analysis of the tunings Mark is using on Romeo & Juliet. I think he doesn’t always use the same and also the books I tend to consult don’t always match what he does. For example the guitar styles book recommends a an “F-B-F-B-D-F” tuning or a G-Tuning with capo on the 3rd fret.

    What do you think is the easiest and most convenient one?
    I’m looking forward to your input ;)+

    best regards

    (I kept the comment in english so to make it look more international ;))

  2. different kinds of gear will definitely be covered.

    @Philipp: Romeo and Juliet is always* open G, the guitar style book does not recommend to ‘tune’ to F,Bb;F…, , these are the notes you will get if you use the capo at 3rd

    * only one exception: On the Nelson Mandela concert in 1988 he had a F tuning (one note lower than G) and had the capo at 5th fret.

  3. Oh…Whoops 😛

    I guess I should have looked into that a bit deeper before bothering you with that.
    Thanks anyway for the explanation!

  4. Hi there, great blog!

    Some tips about Mark’s actual playing is always greatly appreciated, such as solo bits in new live versions or songs that are seldom covered.

    Keep postin’

  5. Hi!

    great blog!

    This must be my lucky day since I´m just trying to play setting me up.
    A-tuning! must try it.
    Do you happen to know what tuning is used on the unreleased song “making movies” as I´m trying to get the sound right!????

    take care!

  6. Hi Ingo,

    Really great blogs for me. I will keep reading and posting. Hope you can tell the story of Marking Time, or some tunes of it.


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