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We can ship to most countries again, with exception of only a few (e.g. Australia). Shipping to the US is possible again but might take longer than before COVID. Feel free to contact us in case of questions. Where shipping is not possible you can order but your goods will not be shipped before the restrictions are lifted.


Loaded pickguard Sultans, white Aluminium

Loaded pickguard similar to the Schecter F400 from the 70ies, loaded with our new VFS-1 pickup - a tapped pickup…

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Loaded pickguard Wembley/On Every Street, white Aluminium

Loaded pickguard similar to the Schecter F400 of Mark Knopfler's famous red Schecter Strat.
Should fit on all Strat-sized guitars (8…

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Push/Pull Poti 250k

250k Ohms, audio taper, fits into Stratocaster style guitars, quality product…

In Stock
Telecaster pickguard, brass

Telecaster pickguard, highly polished brass, professionally sealed.

Like on vintage Schecter Dream Machine Teles.

To avoid tarnishing and even corrdoding, the…

In Stock
White Aluminium Tremolo plate

This is the tremolo back plate you will need for a perfect replica of Mark's metalic red Alchemy Strat.


In Stock
White enamel aluminium Telecaster pickguard

Telecaster pickguard, white enamel aluminium, like on Schecter dream Machine Telecasters, e.g. on Mark Knopfler's red "Walk of Life" Tele


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