Oval Output Jackplate, brass

This is the right output jackplate for your Schecter S8001 dream machine clone. Just like the original it is made…

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Red Guitar Strap (Alchemy style)

Red "safety-belt" guitar strap, similar to the one Mark Knopfler used in the early 80ies (e.g. on Alchemy), US quality…

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Bourns Push/Pull Poti 500k

500k Ohms, audio taper, ideal to be used with our Walk of Life Telecaster Pickups, quality product…

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Push/Pull Poti 250k

250k Ohms, audio taper, fits into Stratocaster style guitars, quality product…

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Dire Straits Strat Neck Plate (with SNO)

Neck plate with serial of the Dire Straits Strats.

68354: Mark's 1961 Strat

80470: David's black Strat
(The info coming from some…

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Dream Machine Neck Plate with MK SNO

Neck plate with serial number of your favoured Mark Knopfler Dream Machine guitar.

Chrome-plated brass, or laquer coated polished brass,…

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Control Plate for Telecaster, brass

Control plate for Telecaster, brass coated with a very thin special clear laquer coating, just like on vintage Schecter Dream…

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Control Plate for Telecaster, chrome-plated  brass

Control plate for Telecaster, chrome-plated brass, just like on the Walk of Life Dream Machine Schecter Tele…

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White Aluminium Tremolo plate

This is the tremolo back plate you will need for a perfect replica of Mark's metalic red Alchemy Strat.


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Chromed Tremolo plate (brass)

Tremolo back plate for Strat-style guitars.

Polished brass, coated with a chrome layer, just like vintage Schecter.

On a vintage Schecter…

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Brass Tremolo plate

This is the tremolo back plate you will need for a perfect replica of e.g. Mark's stolen sunburst 'Tunnel of…

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iSound-ST - Sound Dial Switch for Stratocaster

Rotary switch to replace one of the tone potis on a Strat. It enables six new pick-up combinations that were…

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