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The pickguard was installed on my Fender Deluxe strat, and I have to say, I'm blown away by it!! I have many strat's with boutique pickups like Lindy Fralin and the John Mayer custom shop pickups, also the Eric Johnson and many more. This pickguard you made just ooze's quality, it feels great! It is very versatile, and I use the switches all the time, especially for the front pickup! Thank you so much for this great product!

Rated by Victor from the Netherlands

Build quality is extremely high and i'm loving it! pickups have really nice definition and rich sound.. and of course the versatility is just great! It made my strat sing even better than before. Very big thank you for the pickguard, it's a dream come true for a Knopflerfan like me and a great product for every stratplayer.

Rated by Masa

Thank you so much Ingo for this great pickguard! I´ve installed it into my Fender American Special within a few minutes: it fits perfectly and sounds fantastic. Again a very good craftsmanship (I already own the white Schecter-style pickguard for my Fender Mark Knopfler Signature). I absolutely recommend this pickguard for everybody, who wants to have a Vintage or a fatter sound coming out of his strat, but also for everybody, who wants to try different pickup circuits (every single pickup can be switched on/off independantly). Best wishes and regards from Germany, Christian

Rated by Christian M.

I am extremely satisfied with the VFS-1 loaded pickguard and love how my strat plays and feels now, it's fantastic! The extra crunch that the bridge pickup now gives along with the subtle variations in the many different pickup combos are awesome. It is extremely easy to adjust the pickup height anytime which is really nice as it gives even more flexibility and versatiilty. The tone and sounds produced are lovely. I'm running an American strat through a small valve practice amp (VOX) and a solid state Marshall (50 watts) and it sounds brilliant. I can't wait to run it through a "proper" large tube/valve amp. The whole product is quality throughout and is exactly what I wanted. Thank you! I honestly feel that this pickguard is far superior to the original Fender one, in terms of the material (Aluminium vs plastic) and the new volume and tone knobs. The wiring is nice, clean and neat and the sound quality of the VFS pickups is superb. I love the three switches too, they work great and feel much better than the standard cheap strat 5 way position switch (as well as giving heaps more options obviously). The only suggestion I would make to anyone buying one of these is to have a guitar tech install it for you if you are not confident soldering and doing this sort of electrical work. My father did the electrics for me and I really enjoyed learning about the process and getting a feel for the inside of the guitar. Also, depending on your particular guitar you may have to re-drill the body to match the new guard's screw holes. I had to but it was very interesting and satisfying to learn how to do it and to do it myself. Again, a guitar tech can easily do this for you if you don't have the confidence. To summarise, I highly recommend this loaded pickguard, I absolutely love mine.

Rated by Andrew M.

After recieving the pickguard only 3 days after payment i installed it in an 15 years old high quality rockinger strat (red of course) without any problems beside some new screwholes and now I`m in seventh Knopfler- and Schecter- heaven. Touching the pickguard you firmly feel the unsurpassable high quality of every component and the extremely detail-knowledge not to say detail-obsession of Ingo Raven being probably the best MK-expert worldwide. The tonal quality is unbelievable and the possibilties of creating MK-sounds are extremely various depending on the available gear all but very authentical. This pickguard is a must-have for every MK fan, because you can produce various Dire Straits sounds with one guitar, otherwise you have to spend much more money on various instruments. With congratulations to Ingo Raven and his work. Walter

Rated by Walter T.

I am very satisfied with the pick guard with VFS-1 pickups! quality was beyond all expectations! I could not have asked for anything better!

Rated by Eirik H.
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