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Pickup arrived today :) I hour later it was wired into my Levinson blade telecaster. Very good guitar by the way. Anyway it looks just like the Schecter pickup. Very cool ! Soundwise the tapped position sounds like any other good sounding pickup should. It has that typical telecaster twang without any harshness. Very quite too, liottle if no hum. Then when you engage the full coil it really comes to life, Still has that twang but with more midrange and bass. Cool i was thinking it would maybe have a humbucker type sound. But no it sounds just great. ( nothing against humbuckers !) I can hear lots of music in this sound. There are a lot beautiful sounds here. It looks top class and it is top class ! My only gripe is that i expected it to have the liottle MK guitars sticker on the baseplate. Just like an original Schecter would of had. So Ingo you need to print up some of these stickers and put your stamp on them !! Very happy customer Thanks Ingo :-) Hmm rating from bad to good. What about the word excellent then ? That would be more appropriate here !

Rated by malcolm h.
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Xotic RC Booster
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