Aluminium shielding plate for ST-style pickguards

Stratocasters from the early 60ies - like the two red Strats that Mark Knopfler played with Dire Straits in the…

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ABM 5050 Tremolo - Sound Upgrade for any S-style guitar

ABM has the best reputation for exclusive quality guitar parts, made in Germany (the reason I let them make my…

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"Walk of Life" Tele Set

This is the set needed to get the Dream Machine Tele sound of Van Nuys days Schecters out of any…

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"Walk of Life" Tele Bridge, solid brass

Besides the special pickups, the solid brass bridge plays an important role for the sound of the vintage Schecter…

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Loaded pickguard Making Movies, chrome

Loaded pickguard similar to the Schecter F400 from the 70ies.
Should fit on all Strat-sized guitars (8 holes like vintage Schecter/Fender,…

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Dire Straits Strat Neck Plate (with SNO)

Neck plate with serial of the Dire Straits Strats.

68354: Mark's 1961 Strat

80470: David's black Strat
(The info coming from some…

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Dream Machine Neck Plate with MK SNO

Neck plate with serial number of your favoured Mark Knopfler Dream Machine guitar.

Chrome-plated brass, or laquer coated polished brass,…

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Kluson Vintage Tremolo, steel block

Tremolo with steel block, replica of the 50ies Fender style tremolo with bent saddles. Chrome plated base plate, nickel plated…

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Kluson Deluxe Tuners, nickel

Kluson Vintage Nickel Tuners

These are the correct tuners for your replica of a Schecter Dream Machine Strat or Tele

Replica of…

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Kluson Deluxe Tuners, gold

Original Kluson Vintage Gold Tuners

These are the correct tuners for your replica of a Schecter Dream Machine Strat or Tele


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Peavey T-60 American Vintage Dire Straits Guitar

A real 100% American vintage guitar from 1978 in excellent all original condition!

This is the same guitar model that…

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Zoom Multi Stomp MS-50G

Guitar multi effect device
8 amp models simulation
simultaneous use of up to six effects
easy-to-use interface coming from G3/G5
55 preset effects coming…

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