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Guitar Strap - Original Alchemy strap by Earth III

The original guitar strap that Mark Knopfler used on almost all his guitars in the 80ies is available again. The…

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Chromed Tremolo plate (brass)

Tremolo back plate for Strat-style guitars.

Polished brass, coated with a chrome layer, just like vintage Schecter.

On a vintage Schecter…

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Vintage Tremolo aged, steel block

Tremolo with steel block. With aged bridge saddles! Looks much cooler! Replica of the 50ies Fender style tremolo with bent…

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Loaded pickguard EMG-MK1

Pickguard for Stratocaster guitars loaded with a set of EMG pickups and an EMG SPC mid boost. Made to achieve…

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Oval Output Jackplate, brass

This is the right output jackplate for your Schecter S8001 dream machine clone. Just like the original it is made…

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MK61 Strat Pickup for MK Sound

The MK61 is more than just a replica of a 1961 Strat pickup, featuring the vintage-correct wire, wire insulation, magnet…

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Guitar strings for the old Dire Straits Sound

As the original strings that Mark Knopfler has played back then on his two red Fender Strats are no longer…

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Control Plate for Telecaster, brass

Control plate for Telecaster, brass coated with a very thin special clear laquer coating, just like on vintage Schecter Dream…

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Control Plate for Telecaster, chrome-plated  brass

Control plate for Telecaster, chrome-plated brass, just like on the Walk of Life Dream Machine Schecter Tele…

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MK-58 Les Paul Humbucker

In one sentence: this pickup was made to recreate the sound of Mark Knopfler's 1958 Les Paul.

Harry Haeussel, manufacturer…

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Jam Backing Track Follow Me Home Style Loop

This is a groove loop in the style of 'Follow me home', ideal for guitar improvisation. I recorded several videos…

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MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay

Between 1978 and 1979, on the first tours with the original Dire Straits setup, Mark Knopfler used only two effect…

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