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As the original strings that Mark Knopfler has played back then on his two red Fender Strats are no longer produced, these strings were custom made to recreate the old Dire Straits sound.

These quality strings are made from finest materials. They do not only have the same gauge but also the same core gauge, same winding, same metal and alloy, and of course the same sound as the original strings from the 70ies.

The exakt gauge that Mark Knopfler played at different times in the late 70ies is not 100% sure. With some information from old guitar magazines plus the recollection of David Knopfler himself it was possible to narrow down the string gauges within a small range. So you will always get close to that special sound but still can choose the gauge to match your personal preferences.

The following sets are available:

Super light (008-011-014-022-030-038)
This set was mentioned in a guitar magazine interview from summer 1980. It is the earliest 'official' information on the strings used in the early phase of Dire Straits. However, both David Knopfler and Hal Lindes did not remember 08 strings. Possibly this set was used for the recording of Making Movies. In 1980 Mark was looking for a guitar that was easier to play, and got several new Schecter guitars. Maybe he started with 08 strings on these.

Extra light (009-011-015-024-032-040)
David remembered that they started with the standard Fender 09-38 set in 1977. However, the 09 set was 09-40. The g string is thinner than on other manufacturers sets which is helpful to get an even string response with the staggered vintage Fender pickups. This set was played by Mark on the 1980/81 Making Moviers tour, according to the official tour book!

Regular light (010-013-015-026-032-038)
The g strings and the bass strings are thinner than on other 010 sets which is helpful to avoid a boomy loud low e string. The string volume is very even. This set was also used by players like Jimi Hendrix or Rory Gallagher.

Custom light A (009-011-015-024-032-038)
The same as the Extra lights with exception of a 038 low e string (as David remembers 09-038 strings)

Custom light B (009-011-014-022-030-038)
Another 09-038 version, it is the Super lights with a 09 instead of the 08.

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