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Excellent ! I am very satisfied with my loaded pickguard I've put on my Custom Deluxe Stratocaster of 2011 (a red Strat with an ash body and a rosewood fingerboard). Clean and bright sounds or fat and warm tones, those 26 different sounds are just stunning ! Now I can play everything on my red Strat. I've had many Strats in my life (with many different pickups therefore) and I can tell these VFS-1 pickups are the best sounding ones I've ever heard. Amazing ! Congratulations !

Rated by Steve J.

I am very happy with this transaction. Ingo updated me every step of the way and I received the loaded pick-guard very quickly. I would go on and on about how great the guitar now plays, but "perfect" will suffice.

Rated by Anthony B.

Two years ago I bought F-500 style pickguard... the sounds of these pick ups are incredible even if you haven't got an Hi-end guitar... I have never listen the same caracter in a pickup, specially when you play at volume 7 or 8..... Dynamics, bell like tone, So, now I'm waiting for new VFS-1 pickups.... But one thing I'm sure: my guitars will be customized only with MK-Guitar Shop pick ups!!

Rated by massimo r.

26 different sounds! What an amazing experience, the pickups are wonderland! Never played such a guitar with so many variety of tones, thank you Ingo for making this possible :))

Rated by Abdulla A.

I have always wanted to get the sound that Mark Knopfler achieved on 'Sultans of Swing' and realised that it was a combination of touch, pickup clarity and studio EQ. I came across MK-Guitar and enjoyed reading about Ingo's research and knowledge of MK's guitars. It was when I saw his video of the White Aluminium 'Sultans' loaded pick guard with VFS-1 pickups that I decided to modify my own Fender Stratocaster. Delivery was quick and Ingo answered, by return, any queries I had about fitting and expertise required. Confident I could do the job I went ahead and took two afternoons to complete the job making sure that everything was just right. There were three soldered joints to make but I had to lengthen my tremolo claw ground wire to ground to the output jack for authenticity. Fitting was simple and easy​, though I did have to fill the pick guard holes on my guitar and re-drill to get the very best fit for the new guard. On completion I fired her up straight away with no adjustments to anything and got the real 'sultans' sound through one amp and no effects. My hardware is all stock Fender and the vintage trem is set as floating. The pickups are crystal clear and very quiet, plus I get the advantage of more pick up combinations if needed. And I think it looks great too. So thank you Ingo for all your help, knowledge and prompt advice.

Rated by Chris L.

I received the pick guard two days after my order and couldn't wait to get the feel of it in action. So I installed it on my '95 50th anniversary Strat at the same evening. As already described I had to drill one hole since the fitting of a metal pick guard is slightly different to a plastic one. Also at the first glance the pick guard seemed slightly too long for my bridge but at the end everything snapped into place. My first impression is that the entire thing is made of superior quality parts. Likewise, assembly and soldering are both flawless and top notch. The sound just blew my mind. First of all, the metal plate seems to make a difference, as certainly do the pick-ups. The tones sound fuller, richer, more voluminous even in "vintage / tapped" switch position without being soupy at all. This is a great product and I love it! I am thinking of maybe adding a "orange drop" capacitor to the circuit. Any experiences here? Cheers!

Rated by Uwe R.
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