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I bought the Dream Machine Style Tremolo mainly because I wanted to know how it would give me a change in sound and of course I wanted to improve the look of my guitar, too ;-) First of all I have to say that the first impression was that I had bought a very fine manufactured tremolo, the saddles, the plate and the block are all crafted very well. The mounting of the tremolo was fairly easy to do it fitted immediately in the original holes for the screws. The only part that could be tricky is the mounting of the springs in the backside of the guitar but with a screwdriver and a little bit of patience it was no problem for me at all. The setup took a bit longer which is normal for a brand new tremolo. I have got the tremolo in one of my S-style guitar for a while now, one thing that I have noticed right after the mounting, was the fact that it is much more comfortable to play, e. g. for palm mutes. When I played the guitar without amp I could also hear a difference to the standard tremolo, the sound was suddenly more transparent, warmer and less harsh. In combination with the dream machine-style pickups, I´ve got an awesome guitar now that I can use for nearly all Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler sounds, although I use it mainly to recreate the Dire Straits sound from the early to mid 80s. For me the Dream Machine tremolo is an essential part of my guitar, the tonal qualities and also the look really improved immensely.

Rated by TheWizzard

My guitar, a Fender Strat American Special maple neck, always sounded too bright to me. When I´ve learned about Ingo´s brass tremolo, I´ve decided to replace the vintage tremolo (aluminum?) of my Strat. The Dream Machine Tremolo (Chrome) is really a dream: materials and workmanship are excellent. Compared to the vintage tremolo of my Strat, it weighs a lot more (450g instead of 310g) and sounds fantastic. The whole body of the guitar vibrates a lot more than before (I have the bridge fixed neat to the body) and I also think it is more stable in tone and tuning. So, if you need a warm and better defined tone, catch the Dream Machine Tremolo. Put some Pure Nickels on your guitar and there you go... ;-) Absolutely recommended! Regards, docChris from Germany

Rated by Christian M.

I am so impressed by the quality feel and finish of the Dream Machine tremolo that I recommend them to people without any hesitation. The improvement in sound, tone and playability seems to be out of proportion to the small improvements that it makes over other tremolos I have used (and I have tried dozens both OEM and aftermarket brands in my own builds) but it seems to be the combination of the whole that does the trick. It is fabulous!

Rated by Greg F.

Lovely piece of kit. Well made and very clean and authentic recreation of the early Schecter bridge. These guitars were under appreciated in their own time and a little too rare and expensive in general.

Rated by Kim A.
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