Dream Machine Neck Plate with MK SNO

Neck plate with serial number of your favoured Mark Knopfler Dream Machine guitar.

Chrome-plated brass, or laquer coated polished brass,…

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ebook - Documentation of gear and settings #001

ebook with the description of all the gear including all settings of the lead guitar recording for the following Youtube…

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Ernie Ball volume pedal modification

Modification of the Ernie Ball volume pedal to make the taper sweep curve comparatible to the one with the old,…

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Guitar Strap - Original Alchemy strap by Earth III

The original guitar strap that Mark Knopfler used on almost all his guitars in the 80ies is available again. The…

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Guitar strings for the old Dire Straits Sound

As the original strings that Mark Knopfler has played back then on his two red Fender Strats are no longer…

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Haeussel 1959 Humbucker

Replica of the 1959 PAF Pickup

The version I offer is the one with aged nickle covers - like Knopfler's...…

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Haeussel ST Classic pickup

This is the ideal pickup for a true Fender vintage sound, in other words ideal for the early Dire Straits…

Not in stock, might be available within a few days
Hotcake Overdrive by Crowther Audio

Out of stock - expected for end of June

Note: I am shipping the new 'Hotcake 2020' which has two additional…

Not in stock, might be available within a few days
IC LM 307H replacement OP amp for Music Man amps

Replacement for defective LM 307H op amp which is in all Music Man amp from 1974 to ca. 1980.


Only 1 in stock
iSound-ST - Sound Dial Switch for Stratocaster

Rotary switch to replace one of the tone potis on a Strat. It enables six new pick-up combinations that were…

Only a few in stock
Jam Backing Track Follow Me Home Style Loop

This is a groove loop in the style of 'Follow me home', ideal for guitar improvisation. I recorded several videos…

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Kluson Deluxe Tuners, gold

Original Kluson Vintage Gold Tuners

These are the correct tuners for your replica of a Schecter Dream Machine Strat or Tele


Only a few in stock
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