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Loaded pickguard similar to the Schecter F400 from the 70ies.
Should fit on all Strat-sized guitars (8 holes like vintage Schecter/Fender, possibly individual screw holes of body need to be redrilled).

* White enamel aluminium, made in Germany

* Hand-wound custom tapped pick-ups by Harry Häussel for that F500T sound. Magnets, wires, winding etc., like vintage Schecter. Simply the best available!

* Two US high-quality square potis, conductive plastic, extended life, just like vintage Schecter

* Three US-made flat-lever mini toggle switches, with dress nuts, just like vintage Schecter

* The three toggle switches allow 26 different sounds!

* Tone capacitor and treble bleeding capacitor with resistor, like vintage Schecter.

And the sound of the pickups? Is it similar to a Schecter Dream Machine?
This blog article includes videos which side-by-side compare a guitar with this loaded pickguard to Mark Knopfler's (!!!) sunburst Schecter Strat, the guitar of Telegraph Road, Tunnel of Love, Ride across the river (opens in new window)

Also available with VFS-1 pickups (Sultans), Seymour Duncan SSL-1 pickups (Alchemy), or Seymour Duncan APS-1 pickups (Wembley/On Every Street).

See this blog article for more info (opens in new window)

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My Rhythm guitarist uses this unit. He transferred to it from a Strat scratchplate at the same as I swapped ...

Rated by Bryn H.

Received my pick guard in Texas two weeks after the order which was much quicker than I expected. Installed it ...

Rated by Douglas K.

Thank you Ingo again for a great pickguard. I have VFS-1 loaded pg on my other strat and now couple ...

Rated by Matti K.
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