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Ordered 2 of these in Jan 2016 - very prompt despatch & they arrived quickly. They arrived in 2 business card style boxes with the pickup wrapped in black antistatic type fabric with 2 pickup adjustment screws taped inside the box. The pickup in the neck position sounded really nice in my 2014 LP traditional (50's wiring harness)- in the bridge it sounded far to bright & nasally - I joked with my friend who owns a recording studio that the bridge sounded like a Gretsch guitar - you will note in Ingo's video he only plays the neck position & I would say this is where this pickup belongs (as MK plays the neck pos predominately ). I would say that Ingo's video of this pickup doesn't do them justice. They sound very nice, especially through a fender twin or similar amp, they also like to rock out in high gain marshall sounds which you wouldn't expect. I've contacted Ingo & Haussel but had no response on the specification of these pickups (something that guitarists would like to know) Specs by my own calculations are: DC Resistance 9.08K The Magnet I'm pretty sure is an unoriented Alnico 5 My only 'wish' is that I could spec them up more as the covers & baseplate of the pickups dont look vintage/authentic at all.

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