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Keys for all Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits songs

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I found this in the AMIT forum and thought it might be very useful info for us guitar players. The author – nickname foma – allowed copying it, so here it is, a list of all keys with the songs in that key. It even included the songs of Privateering, Mark’s coming album (to be released September 2012). Thank you, foma 🙂 Quote: >>>>>>>> It’s the statistics of almost all Mark’s songs and scores keys. Don’t know when (and why lol) I’ve done this, probably five years ago. So, here it is (I’m working on list constantly, so it’s becomes accurately and hopefully will be spot-on): 31 in D MAJOR (D-dur): Water of Love, Wild West End, Skateaway, Les Boys, It Never Rains, Ticket To […]