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Dire StraitsCommuniquéMaking MoviesLove over Gold
Extended Dance PlayBrothers in Armsnotting_hillbilliesNotting Hillbilliesneck-and-neckNeck & Neck
On Every StreetGolden HeartSailing to PhiladelphiaRagpicker’s dream
Shangri-laroadrunningAll the RoadrunningKill to get CrimsonGet Lucky

15 thoughts on “Gear on all songs for all albums – WIKI

  1. when I started these pages with Ingo, I wanted to do all albums including soundtracks, NHBs, etc…

    but I didn’t managed to find the time. Maybe someday…


  2. Hi Ingo.

    I was looking for gear on Local Hero and Cal. Do you have any idea of what guitars are used on these albums for instance guitar on Long Road? Is it just one of the Schecter strats?

    Anyway seems he is using the nylon strung Chet Atkins guitar on a lot of it and maybe even Ovations for some of the acoustic sounds

  3. Hi, l would be interested to know what gear he used on Bob Dylan’s Slow Train Coming if anyone can shed some light?

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