Dire Straits/ Mark Knopfler live pictures and videos

Pictures from Dire Straits gig – Hamburg, October 28, 1978

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I recently wrote various blog posts about ‘new’ pictures from some early Dire Straits gigs (e.g. here or here). Normally it happens only rarely that such new pictures appear – we are talking about a period more than 40 years ago, a time before digital cameras existed –  but these days again someone pointed me towards another set of nine pictures on Flickr, this time from the gig in Hamburg, Musikhalle, October 28, 1978. The photographer is Heinrich Klaffs. Years ago I already wrote a blog post about a set of pictures from this early Dire Straits gig, in fact the first gig they did in Germany at all. However, with the help of these new pictures I must correct myself and state now that […]


Videos from a trip to Mark Knopfler’s sunburst Schecter Strat

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Here are some videos with the Mark Knopfler Schecter Dream Machine Strat SN 8001, the guitar I had the chance to play a few weeks ago (see A trip to Mark Knopfler’s sunburst Schecter Strat ). The amp was a Tone King, not the Imperial but a Metropolitan combo, no effects except reverb from the amp. The strings were 09-42. In the following three videos I played some distorted sounds  and some clean stuff that should give a good impression of what the guitar sounds like plugged directly into a tube amp. A : distorted – various licks Note that some riffs were played with the tone control slightly rolled off. B : distorted – Money for Nothing Of course this guitar was never used for […]