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Sultans of Swing: Studio version vocals alone, karaoke track, plus the last seconds – unheard before

Found a link in the amarkintime forum today to three audio clips of Sultans of Swing: a) complete b) only vocals (!!), and c) without vocals. Those tracks must be made from the original multitrack recording, and they are even a few seconds longer than what is one the CD. No fade out – instead another lick unheard before.

I have no idea yet where these come from, but very cool!


vocals only:

backing track (karaoke):

14 thoughts on “Sultans of Swing: Studio version vocals alone, karaoke track, plus the last seconds – unheard before

  1. What a treat, thanks very much! The Unfaded Version is very interesting and the vocals-only version is hilarious. Funny thing, after every line I can hear the corresponding guitar lick in my head, guess that’s what happens when you’ve heard a song so many times 😉

  2. guitar track : wooowwww !

    We can now say for sure that it is only middle pickup, no ? I can’t hear any out of phase sound there.

    But I can hear much the chorus (from the Roland ?) at 2:28 and 3:13

  3. The track with vocal only make me think very strange :
    have you already thought of Mark standing in the stuido, without guitar, and only singing ?!
    Of course, I’ve seen pictures of recent recordings on GF diaries, and I’ve seen the Time in the Sun backing vocals on the DVD; but when I think of Mark in the 77-79 period, I see him with a guitar, singin AND playing, I can’t see him only singing, while listening to the backing tracks in his headphones…it’so “unreal”

    so this tracks are “sensationnal” like Ingo says, but, I wonder if it doesn’t spoiled the magic that we all have build in our heads during this decades….

  4. Hi
    can anyone email me the backing track of sulans please.only the instrumental pls
    Will be highly appreciated

    south africa

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