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Cover version of Dire Straits Six Blade Knife

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During the last weeks I played around a bit with the backing tracks from the Jam with Dire Straits book by Total Accuracy. Some of these are great and sound very good. Unfortunately, the  one for Sultans of Swing seems  almost unusuable to me because of the harsh rhythm guitar sound. Since I still had a Cubase file with the MIDI drum part of Sultans – something I did with […]

Dire Straits/ Mark Knopfler live pictures and videos

Two interesting live clips of Dire Straits Six Blade Knife

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Jean-Francois wrote in a comment: I didn`t know where to post this : Somme years ago, I remember you talked on mKnews forum about Six blade Knife on 17/02/1979 in Cologne that has a longer solo in the middle than usual. I`ve never heard it. It would be very nice from you if you could send it to me, or at least put it on your blog. Also, I`ve never […]