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White Aluminium Schecter-style pickguards now available

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After the brass pickguards, the white ones are also available now. Just like on Mark Knopfler’s red Schecter Strat, they are made of white enamel aluminium, they feature three mini toggle switches, one volume poti and one tone poti with chrome or gold knobs (e.g. Mark Knopfler’s blue Schecter – played on stage by Hal Lindes – had gold knobs). Just two potis are great: you can finally rest your right hand closer to the bridge to get that funky, crisp attack like Knopfler. Probably there will be other pick-up choices (e.g. Seymour Duncans) available soon. Note however that with standard (= non-tapped)  pick-ups you won’t get those 27 sound combinations. Here are some first pictures. Check it out in the shop.


Alternate Sultans of Swing solo take from first album session – unheard before – exclusively on

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Here you will find an alternate take of the Sultans of Swing first  solo from the recording session for the first album at Basing Street Studios in February 1978. Unfortunately the quality is more than poor, you might guess where it is coming from… It is not so much different, but it is for sure not the take  that was released. This can maybe heard best between 0:15 and 0:22 where the phrasing and some notes are different, similar to some live versions or to the version from Pathway Studios. And that’s the neck pick-up, I’d think the FS-1, isn’t it?  


Inside the Schecter F500T pick-up – What is a tapped pick-up?

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The Schecter-F400 loaded pickguards normally came with Schecter’s F500T pick-ups. The ‘T’ stands for tapped. So, what is meant with this, what is a tapped pick-up? A normal Strat pick-up consists of six individual magnet pole pieces wrapped by a coil of thin wire. The original Fender design had about 8,000 turns (varying to some extent, the vintage ’54 pick-up was specified to 8,350, while a 1978 Strat pick-up had about 7,600 turns). This will result in a coil of about 6 kOhms. Compared to a humbucker like Gibson’s PAF the Strat sound is rather thin and weak with lots of treble, which is not ideal to get a heavy distortion from most vintage amps. Adding more turns will result in a louder and at […]