Brett Whiteley – Alchemy – The picture on the Alchemy cover

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This blog post is not about guitar, not even about music, instead it is about a piece of art – Alchemy by Brett Whiteley, the painting that gave its name to Dire Straits’ first live album in 1984, and appeared on the cover. Brett Whiteley (1939 – 1992) was an Australian artist who is represented in the collections of all the large Australian galleries. Paintings For your pleasure, here is a collection of some of Whiteley’s paintings. Interestingly one of his most famous pictures – The Jacaranda Tree (1977) – which sold for almost $ 2 million, cannot be found in the whole web.     These pictures appear on the screen courtesy of the estate of Brett Whiteley. More info on http://www.brettwhiteley.org   Alchemy […]


Mark Knopfler’s effect rack of the Making Movies tour in 1980/81

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One of the commentators to my previous blog post (on the Rock Pop TV gig Dire Straits did on December 20, 1980) asked for Mark’s effect rack. He triggered this blog post in which I would like to put together all information I have about it. The Making Movies ( On Location) tour was the first tour on which Mark used a fully loaded 19″ effects rack. Some of the devices were probably  still  used on the Alchemy tour, and some of them even on the Brothers in Arms tour. Later Knopfler had a rack built by Pete Cornish. The rack was on the right side of the stage, near Knopfler’s two Music Man HD 130 amps. It was visible from the audience but almost […]