Mark Knopfler’s brown Fender Vibrolux vs Fender Vibroverb

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This post is about two of Mark Knopfler’s Fender vintage amps, the brown Fender Vibrolux – the  Sultans of Swing amp that was covered in this blog article – and the similar-sized and similar-looking brown Fender Vibroverb. The Fender Vibrolux (model 6G11a) was one of Knopfler’s earliest guitar amps. Probably it belonged to Dire Straits’ bass player John Illsley and was used for the first demo recordings of Dire Straits, and also for the first record and for their live gigs of this time (late 1977 – early 1978). He still owns this amp and used it regularly on the last albums. The brown Vibroverb (model 6G16) was a much later addition to Knopfler’s amp arsenal. From what I heard he got it probably in […]


Mark Knopfler’s Guitar Rack of the 2008 Tour

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With this blog post I will try to compile some info on Mark Knopfler’s effect rack for his latest tours – based mainly on pictures of his 2008 tour. Probably the same rack was also used on his latest 2010 tour. Here we have a picture of the full rack: The Devices Tuner – On top we have a chromatic tuner, as it seems a Korg DTR2000. Power conditioner – The second device we can see is a Furman power conditioner (not sure about the exact model). A power conditioner stabilizes the AC power supply and removes voltage peaks that can be dangerous for the following devices. Preamps – Below the tuner there seem to two units with various preamps by D.A.V electronics. These are […]