Mark Knopfler – Guitars on the Get Lucky tour 2010

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The US leg of Mark Knopfler’s 2010 Get Lucky tour is over, and we in Europe are looking forward to the next part. Due to the new recording policy on all MK concerts,  there seem to be less videos on youtube than we had the years before, but still we have some 🙂 On the base of mainly these videos I put together a list of the guitars Mark has used on the different songs on this tour so far: Red MK Signature Fender  Strat(s) Of course he played his signature model, and probably more than just one. He played it on: Border Reiver, What it is (not confirmed) , Sailing to Philadelphia (not confirmed), Romeo & Juliet (outro solo), Sultans of Swing The guitar […]

MK guitar style and licks

Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms – Cover by Ingo Raven

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This week-end I found time again to record another cover version – Brothers in Arms. After Six Blade Knife and Wild West End, this is the third video I put some additional effort into, which means I did not record the  audio with the microphone of the camcorder but with the gear in our homerecording studio. Nevertheless it should be considered rather as “live video” and not as studio recording because I played the  guitar plus the vocals in one complete live take – without any overdubs and without correcting little mistakes to leave it in a more authentic state. This time I recorded four takes all in all and then decided which one to take. The backing tracks were done some time ago – […]