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Mark Knopfler – Guitars on the Get Lucky tour 2010

The US leg of Mark Knopfler’s 2010 Get Lucky tour is over, and we in Europe are looking forward to the next part. Due to the new recording policy on all MK concerts,  there seem to be less videos on youtube than we had the years before, but still we have some 🙂 On the base of mainly these videos I put together a list of the guitars Mark has used on the different songs on this tour so far:

Red MK Signature Fender  Strat(s)

Of course he played his signature model, and probably more than just one. He played it on:

Border Reiver, What it is (not confirmed) , Sailing to Philadelphia (not confirmed), Romeo & Juliet (outro solo), Sultans of Swing

The guitar on Border Reiver is tuned to Eb (one half tone lower than standard tuning). On the 2008 tour he played one Strat with 010 strings on What it is and Sailing to Philadelphia, and another one (owned by Glenn Worf) with 009s on Sultans of Swing and Romeo & Juliet, might be similiar on this tour.

Gibson Les Paul

The following songs seem to be the ’58 Les Paul. I can’t tell if the ’59 was also used.

Why Aye Man, Hill Farmer Blues, Cleaning my Gun, Speedway at Nazareth, Brothers in Arms

Fender  ’54 Stratocaster

So far away

I first listed So far away for the MK Signature Strat, because of this video (bad quality, red or sunburst Strat?) but on all other ones I have seen so far it it the sunburst ’54 Strat.


Telegraph Road (2nd part)

National Style-o

Romeo & Juliet, Telegraph Road (part 1 – until “three lanes moving slow”)

Don Grosh Electrajet

A rather new addition to Mark Knopfler’s collection.

Piper to the End

Martin 0040S

The Ragpicker signature model

Get Lucky, Marbletown


Tuned to open E, slide

Donnegan’s gone

(No information yet)

I cannot tell which guitars he played on the following songs. If you have been to the US tour or know more from other sources, please use the comment function to let us know.

Prairie Wedding, Monteleone, Remembrance Day, Coyote

26 thoughts on “Mark Knopfler – Guitars on the Get Lucky tour 2010

  1. On Prairie wedding he usually played with his 54 telecaster. Due to the hum coming from its PU, in a show (cannot remember which one) he used the Pensa Mk2, I think the new one that Rudy gave him during 2005 tour.

  2. Remembarance Day and Coyote: definitely a Les Paul, would say his trusty ’58. Judging from pics from the US tour, I think he mostly used his ’58 (it’s more faded as the others).

    Looking forward to see Mark and his band in Amsterdam!!

  3. Sorry, forgot to fill in my name and sofort.

    I read somewhere on Guy Fletcher’s blog that the ’58 is the ‘favourite’ guitar. I remember that when I went to see Knopfler at one of his shows in 2008, he had this really faded Les Paul (the ’58) and one which he used on a couple of songs, a rather shiny one with much a more pronounced flamed sunburst, which quite frankly sounded a bit different, thicker and darker… even a friend of mine, which isn’t a guitarist said it sounded different. I think it is the same guitar he plays on ‘Song For Sonny Liston’ on the 2005 DVD with Emmylou Harris. I think that during each show, Mark switches between the two. Too bad I haven’t seen some good videos from the new tour so far, seems like the rules concerning camera’s are becoming heavier… 🙁

    However, I really like it that Knopfler takes his precious guitars on the road!

  4. Yes, the ’58 is used more. You are right, the ’59 has more red and more flame, in 2008 it was used e.g. on Why Aye Man & Sonny Liston.

    I am not sure if Mark has as many valuable guitars on this tour as on previous tours. This idea came up when I saw him playing So far away on a MK signature Strat instead of the ’54, so possibly he left some (’54 Strat, ’54 Tele, ’59 Les Paul??) at home.

  5. Guess he sometimes switches between guitars? I’m seeing Knopfler at the 30th of June, I will persuade a friend to make pictures of all the guitars etc. Without flash of course.:)

    p.s. Ingo, is it me or are they playing the songs more like the originals? Too bad they don’t do Rudiger!


  6. Thanks for such interesting information! 1 question: do you know what kind of pickups are installed in Mark’s “Telegraph” Pensa?

  7. Yeah, I’ve read somewhere that they are Lindy Fralin Blues Specials or Real 54’s. It will be intersting to hear Ingo’s professional opinion on this question 😉

  8. I don’t know more about the exact PU model. Alex quoted an answer from Rudy’s Music Stop in Guy’s forum recently:

    The pickups we use in the thought MK 2 are custom made for us by Lindy fralin. You will not find the model In Their catalog. So, to Be helpful, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Mark MK2 Has more than one guitar. We’re not sure Which one is he using on the current tour

  9. Actually he used his mk2 plus since Milan (Italy) date in 2005 on TR. But on 2008 and current 2010 tour he uses the “standard” mk2. You can clearly see it by the lack of the white binding. I think he used the mk2 plus only one time douring this tour on prairie wedding, due to the hum coming from his 54 telecaster on that particular venue.

  10. Hey,

    due to So Far Away: When you take a look at the Manchester gig you can see that he plays a red Strat (maybe a MK Signature Strat or the one like on the Phil Cunningham interview which hasn’t got a signature of Mark).

  11. Alessandro I stand corrected and me sitting front row and all .. deary me must have been looking at the chicks 😉

  12. I can clarify a bit…

    He’s been using up to 4 red strats in one concert. I was at the manchester gig where he played a red MK signature on So Far Away (think there are hum problems with the ’54).

    For Border Reiver he uses an MK Sig tuned to Eb, this is then changed for What it Is and Sailing to Philadelphia for a standard tuned MK Sig.

    For the end of Romeo, and Sultans, an MK Sig with light (.009) strings is used.

    The fourth MK Sig comes out for So Far Away if necessary, with a tremolo arm attached.

  13. Just came home from the first gig in Amsterdam. He only used one Les Paul, the gorgeous ’58 of course (very faded with a few flames here and there). Pensa for the outro solo of Telegraph Road. His Signature Strat for all the others… Border Reiver, What It Is, Sailing, Sultans, Romeo and Juliet, So Far Away. The newish Don Grosh guitar for Piper on The End and a rather new looking Telecaster for Prairie Wedding.

    P.s. compared to the 2008 gig.. I found the band’s playing a bit dull… I spoke to some people and everyone said ‘yes… he’s getting old’. The fingers don’t go as fast as they used to be\.. and they lowered the tempo even more on quite a few songs compared… Knopfler’s voice was surprisingly good though and he did look healthier. After all it was a good concert and I’m really happy to have seen him for the second time 🙂

  14. hallo,

    I went to Mark last monday in Amsterdam. Offcourse he is not as fast as he used to be but give the man a break. He is allready 60 years old and he still knows how to play brilliant. I really enjoyed monday and i just love his les paul sound on coyote :D. I do not hope that people are going to be TO critical against Mark and the band like the news paper is,it doesn’t matter if he is a bit slower or that he plays while sitting on a seat. Just go there, listen and enjoy because he is still Mark Knopfler and the fact that he is still capable of getting three sold-out gigs at the Heineken Music Hall, ahh well… just respect him 😀

  15. I’m 30 years old and if I had to play every day about total 60 concerts I had played them on a bed.. And if I were 60 years old I had played them from the hospital.. So hi is strong man. I’m glad for that….

  16. just some thoughts about the gig in Lyon :

    – Although I was pretty close, I was not able to verify if the National used was the orignial one or not.

    – during the outro of Coyote, he played a lick from 3on Broadwasy” like he ued to do in Calling Elvis some years ago. I read somewhere that he played also licks from MFN, but I can’t recall.

    – he played ole ole just before Sultans !

    – At the end of Sultans, he played like on the studio version : the end fast lick jsut after the “descending” scale, without the few bars he played since the single pathways version ! He did this way in sept 09 at the prince trust. I don’t kniw of he did this in 2008.
    It seems he wants to go back to “original” sound of Sultans, although he played some licks from Alchemy.

    – Telegraph road was of course on pensa, but I remember in Lyon05.04.2005, he played it on the sig strat (I understodd it only the next day, during concert i Thought it was the original 61 !) bevause he git the pensa only in june 2005 I guess (in Italy if memory serves).
    I found a bit shame that the first solo was a bit flat : it lacks some lead instrument. I like the idea to keep the national until “..moving slow”, but in 91-92, the sax tokk the lead part, and I found it very nice. Here, it could have been a flute, rather than 2 strings instruments (cittern and mandolin). And I dindn’tlike Richard’s licks during the first part of the song, nor his licks at the end of Romeo.

    I enjoyed very much the first part of the gig, till Marbletown. But from Speedway to last song, I found its’the same thing since 2001 ! (apart from Piper of course)

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