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The volume pot – what is the right resistance and how does it affect the sound of a guitar pick-up

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In forums I often read questions about different volume pots and the best value they should have. A normal Fender Strat pot has 250 kOhms, but 1MOhms (=1000 k Ohms) is used on Telecasters, while Gibson often uses 500 kOhms. And then there are the no-load pots,  so all in all it seems there is some confusion about what to use best, and what effect a different pot value will have. To start with, pots of all values will do the same in a guitar: adjusting the volume from 0 % to 100 %. Their value has (almost) nothing to do with the resulting highest possible volume, nor has it to do with the ‘volume curve’ that describes how fast the volume changes from 0 […]


The Schecter Story: Schecter Guitar Research – Dream Machines – The Van Nuys Era

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In the 80ies, Mark Knopfler was probably the most famous user of Schecter guitars. He bought several Schecters in 1980 at Rudy’s Music Stop in New York, mainly because he was looking for a guitar that was easier to play and better suited for the high demands on the road than the vintage Fenders he played before. Also his former girl-friend played a Schecter which he said was much better than his Fender guitars. So what was the story behind the Schecter company? Schecter Guitar Research started around 1976 in Van Nuys, California, when David Schecter opened his repair and custom guitar shop. He soon started to produce his own quality guitar parts which were intended to replace some stock parts on common guitars. Especially […]

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Fender discontinued the 150 super light strings

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After almost 40 years, Fender recently dropped the 15o SL strings from their product range. For me bad news because the 150 SL (pure nickel, 008, 011, 014, 022, 030, 038) are the strings of choice on most of my Stratocasters. 08-strings had their popularity peak surely some decades ago. They were favoured especially among country players since thin strings made all those fancy banjo-style rolls and licks easier and faster. When players like Stevie Ray Vaughn promoted  heavy strings, 08 became rare and were often no longer on stock in most smaller shops. I started to experiment with strings thinner than 09 amost 20 years ago. Two things I especially liked about them were the thinner g- string because with vintage-style Strat pick-ups (staggered […]