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The Peavey Deuce VT – David Knopfler’s amp with Dire Straits

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This blog post is not about a Mark Knopfler amp but still has a clear connection to Dire Straits: the Peavey Deuce VT was the amp that David Knopfler played on stage with the band between 1978 and 1979, and thus contributed to the band’s unique sound.   The Peavey Deuce VT was built from 1978 to the early eighties. Before, a similar model called Deuce (without the VT) was available that had – besides various other technical differences – a tremolo effect instead of the phaser.  As a combo with two 12″ speakers, it has similar dimensions as the Fender Twin Reverb or the Music Man HD 130 212 that Mark played at the same time. In fact David started to play the Peavey […]

MK guitar style and licks

Dire Straits – Where do you think you’re going – spontaneous cover on acoustic guitar

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Today I was jamming a bit on the acoustic guitar and still had the camcorder ready from the last video yesterday, so I simply let it run a bit and recorded this sponatneous version of Dire Straits’ “Where do you think you’re going”. If you wonder about the sound or even about the string bending on the acoustic – check out this old blog post about the string gauge on this guitar. I always find that playing at low volume leaves you more room to get louder when necessary and causes a much nicer guitar sound. Unfortunately you get some noise when recording with the built-in camcorder microphone as it turns up the record level automatically and catches more noise from the cheap mic pre-amp […]


Demoing pickup combinations of the Schecter style pickguards

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Here is a youtube video that demonstrates some of the 36 possible pick-up combinations of our loaded Schecter-style pickguards. Each pick-up can be switched to the full or tapped coil which means a fat sound or a vintage-like sound. This way you will not only get new combinations that are not possible with the standard 5-way switch like bridge & neck or all three PUs, but you can also mix full and half pick-ups in any combination. The guitar is my old Japanese JV Squier, over a brown Fender Vibrolux amp, no effects except some reverb.