Demoing pickup combinations of the Schecter style pickguards

Here is a youtube video that demonstrates some of the 36 possible pick-up combinations of our loaded Schecter-style pickguards. Each pick-up can be switched to the full or tapped coil which means a fat sound or a vintage-like sound. This way you will not only get new combinations that are not possible with the standard 5-way switch like bridge & neck or all three PUs, but you can also mix full and half pick-ups in any combination.

The guitar is my old Japanese JV Squier, over a brown Fender Vibrolux amp, no effects except some reverb.


6 thoughts on “Demoing pickup combinations of the Schecter style pickguards

  1. Ingo

    Nice demo. There are some very familiar sounds there. Seems to have captured the Schecter sound very well. I think I’d struggle with that many combinations. Sometimes I think 5 is too many to choose from.


  2. >I think I’d struggle with that many combinations.
    I can’t remember how a certain combination (e.g. bridge up, middle down, neck up) sounds, either. However, it is very easy in a live situation: start somewhere, if you suddenly feel you need a fatter tone, simply put one switch down instead of up. If you want more warmth from e.g. the bridge & middle combo (both up), put down one of these, or add a bit of neck pickup ( bridge and middle down, neck up) etc. It is a bit like a painter mixing colours from a palette, very intuitive.

  3. Ingo,

    Great stuff, been dying to hear what these sound like since you started reproducing them, and they do NOT disappoint!

    By the way any news on when the Alchemy Edition will be back in stock and can you demo that set for us too? Very interested in that model as well as this edition.


  4. I am planning on something that will replace the Alchemy edition, some pick-ups that look and sound like the Seymour Duncans but are tapped so that you can get a sound like the old DiMarzio FS-1 when the mini switch is down, all those early DS sounds in one pick-up, and still all 36 sound combinations. Watch out, should come soon.

  5. Ingo that sounds like jsut what I have been looking for! Can’t wait! Keep up the good work!

  6. Received my loaded pick guard within two weeks in Texas and fitted it to an old Japanese Strat and am very happy with the sound and tone.
    I am glad I found this site.

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