Southbound Again riff

Here is a small video clip in which I play the Southbound Again riff, this time the studio version (I put another video online with the completely different live version a few weeks ago).

I played it in standard tuning. A few years ago I read an interview where Mark said that it was open G tuning (which somewhat surprised me here). Anyway, it works fine in standard tuning I think.

The amp here is a small tweed Princeton clone, no effects.

4 thoughts on “Southbound Again riff

  1. Killer tone there Ingo, spot on 😉

    I read the same regarding the open tuning, and I have tried in 100 different ways, but I strongly beleive Mark had it mixed up with for instance setting me up, or something else. I’m convinced that it should be played in standard tuning like you also do in your video here.

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