Knopfler-style Rock’n’Roll Riffs

Don’t miss my latest video on Youtube. Here I am playing and explaining some riffs with that typical thumb-and-fingers picking pattern. You’ve heard such riffs on Knopfler/Dire Straits songs like Two Young Lovers, Walk of Life, Next Time I’m in Town, Overnight Sensation (by Tine Turner), Industrial Disease, Poor Boy’s Blues, and countless others.

2 thoughts on “Knopfler-style Rock’n’Roll Riffs

  1. Hi Ingo Raven, I just recently started playing electric guitar, but your videos inspire me to progress and this video is no exception. It’s true that I couldn’t repeat your riffs directly from the video because of my lack of experience and skill, but I found a way out. I used a program I downloaded here. With it, I took screenshots of the moments when you were moving your fingers on the fingerboard, and tried to do the same little by little. And after literally a couple of days, I’m slowly but correctly playing those riffs. Thank you again!

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