7 thoughts on “Acoustic guitar cover of Boom like that and Song for Sonny Liston

  1. Hi Ingo
    What acoustic guitar pickup or mic would you use with your MK-81 on stage?

    Outstanding blog, btw. Thanks for all the effort. So interesting.


  2. Hmm.. I’m going to have to send you some “beer money” for replying so quickly there, mate.

    Do you process the sound in any way – pedals, desk effects? I’m also guessing you go into the mixer and not a dedicated acoustic guitar amp..?


  3. I owned a 1977 MK-53, used a Don Lace Bronze Sensor to amplify. I rode into Austin Texas in 1999 on a Bicycle, all the way from Hot Springs, Arkansas, with a “Carlos” Flattop Guitar & a bunch of Special-20 Harps. I was playing on “The Drag” (Guadelupe Street) from 11:00 AM then moved to “6th. Street” about 5:00 OM & played until 4:00 AM, 7 Days a week. I found the Gibson at One World Guitars, put it on Law Away ($20.00 Bill Down) and within a month “The Citizens & Tourists of Austin, Texas” BOUGHT me a GIBSON GUITAR! I have a old Photo of me holding it, http://homelessjazzguitar.blogspot.com/2011/01/gibson-mk-53-guitar-1977-model.html
    I truely loved that Guitar, & when I showed up at a Folk Festival in Ramona, CA. the Bridge had Separated, I glurd it back (Yellow Elmer’s) and Counter-Sunk 2 Tiny Brass Screws into the Under-Brace to Hold it! The Sound was in no way affected.

    1. I forgot about being here! Well, you don’t get a beer, I live in San Francisco, i smoke Medical Hemp, but your playing is Great, Wunnerfil, as Lawrence Welk used to say. I just turned 67 Years Old on Dec. 12, 2007. I guess by them youll anser.

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