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Songs that Mark Knopfler plays with a pick

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  This  blog post was written by Jean-François. Thank you J.F. ! 🙂 [some comments by Ingo in brackets]   Mark Knopfler has always been associated with fingerpicking. His totally unique right hand technique has become his landmark since the first Dire Straits album in 1978. However, Mark also sometimes plays with a guitar pick – not only but mostly during his solo career. Among his childhood guitar heroes, Chet […]

MK guitar style and licks

Mark Knopfler playing with a pick in 1979

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While Mark Knopfler is strongly associated with playing fingerstyle, we know he always used a pick occasionally as well. Before he started Dire Straits, he did a lot of fingerpicking-  e.g. on his National resonator guitar – but also used a pick much more than he did later. With his band before Dire Straits – the Cafe Racers – he mainly played with a pick on his 1959 Gibson Les […]