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    Posted in: by Ingo on November 22, 2008

    You might use the Forum for general question. This way the whole community benefits from your question and the answers.

    Or use the following contact form (* = required fields):

    "Buy me a beer" - donate for the site via PayPal. Or buy a backing track in my online shop :)

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    16 comments to “Contact”

    1. HÃ¥vard says:

      I’ll just want to say thank you for doing this. Thank you for spending time on this site. I really appreciate it. Thanks, thanks , thanks, thanks.

    2. Extemporaneous says:

      Mark Knopfler is the single most skillful, most polished, most toneful guitarist in music history, and this incredibly comprehensive and informative website is a suiting tribute to him.

      As a lifelong fan, I have had the personal fortune and pleasure to see MK live in concert on numerous occasions, and I’ll say this much . . . when the world loses Mark Knopfler, it will have lost a rare and incredibly talented artisan – a true (once in a lifetime) “legend”.

      “Long Live The King”!

      Thank you Ingo!

    3. Alex Tejedor says:

      Thank you for this site, it’s great to go here to get some information and learn about this unique musician called Mark Knopfler… I want to tell you something about what I think is his guitar secret: his right hand. Oh, yes I know you all knew that, but, did you know that Mark Knopfler is left handed? Yes, and, if you think about it, he was meant to play the other way around, but I think it was his sister who told him when he was little that it was the other way around, so he started playing against his “nature” of left handed, so… my question for you is… have you ever tried to play the guitar the other way around? Your “strong hand”, (in my case is the right because I am right handed) becomes the hand that walk around the neck of the guitar, bending the strings and so forth, and the left hand, your “soft” hand, the one that is giving the beat, the strumming, the pase, so it would be more “gentle” with the hitting of the strings and your strong hand would be the one controlling the strings. Isn’t that what Mark does? To me, when he plays, I feel and see that his right hand is very gentle with the strings, very soft when he hits them, very elegant, and the left hand I feel that is very powerful and in control of what he does all the time, don’t you think?
      Best wishes to you Ingo, and thank you.

    4. Alex Tejedor says:

      Oh, by the way, Ingo, I sent you a personal request but I don’t know if you got it. I beg you to record a video tutorial of “Setting Me Up” to learn about the technique used in this song, is that possible?
      Thank you!

    5. Ingo says:

      I think there are a few videos on this by different folks on youtube. I play many details probably differently than others, but then I cannot tell for sure if Mark played it like I do. I still plan to do more tutorials, and also on those ‘secret stuff’ but probably not for free.

    6. Kurt Wege says:


      Do you know where I can get the complete and accurate tabs for Speedway at Nazareth? The generally available tab book does not capture the album outro after the first repeat. A couple of web sites have an inaccurate version. I am an amateur player and need all the help I can get for this fantastic piece of music.


    7. Ingo says:

      Sorry, no idea since I myself never use tabs, maybe others can help?

    8. Searching for name of whistle/flute played in melody of “Irish Boy”. Beautiful work,
      and sound on all of that music. We so enjoy listening to all of your music.
      Mary Lawson

    9. Ingo says:

      Isn’t that an Irish tin whistle?

    10. Hayden says:

      Hi Ingo
      Thank you for your help with “In The Gallery” Would it be possible to send me a MP3 of the slowed down version in Am?


    11. Wendy says:

      Dear Manager,

      Have a good day!

      We are a factory for musical instruments from china.

      After some research of your company, we find the following products might be of your interest:
      Hand wired all tube guitar series,
      All tube guitar amp series,

      Any interests please let me know.

      Best Regards
      Sales Director

    12. bob smith says:


    13. bob smith says:

      My guitar is now incredible and would no doubt have MK drooling with envy. I bought an upgrade from for my SSS Strat. After installing the upgrade in my guitar (no soldering or body routing needed) I had 35 unique pickup tones, I stayed up all night playing it. I’m getting amazing tones from my upgraded Strat. Just can’t put this guitar down. It’s like being hooked on a tone drug.

      I have an HSS Strat that I will be upgrading with another of their upgrades. They recommend using asymmetric 4-wire humbucker pickups so I’m having my pickup guy make me one. The upgrade on this guitar will give me 88 pickup tones and true QuadraBucker pickup tones (i.e., putting all four pickup coils in series). This will easily give me pickup tones so fat, they’re obese.

    14. Hi – I am trying to find a whammy bar/tremolo bar for my Schecter Dream Machine. It should be brass as my tremolo is brass. I have also lost my brass back plate…duh.

      Any help would be appreciated. I live in the U.S.


    15. Gary Mitchell says:

      We can get your website on top of search Engines. All work will be done as per Google’s guidelines (Panda, penguin and hummingbird). Please reply on this e-mail for more info. (Guaranteed Results)

    16. Roger T Waters says:

      Hello Roger here from the band Mast Mizzen in Pensacola, Florida. I play a few songs off Brothers in
      Arms. Listening to you play that birch strat through the brownface really a treat for me. Keep up
      the good work. roger at blueshade44

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