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    Coming (no content yet)

    Posted in: by Ingo on March 04, 2012

    Your input is appreciated and required!
    Please use the
    comment function at the bottom of the page to add any missing relevant info about this guitar. I will update this page regularly to include such information into the page itself but will leave your comments so that the origin of all information remains documented.

    Serial No.:
    First seen with MK:
    Still in MK’s possession/Last seen:


    Info: ..

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    One comment to “Coming (no content yet)”

    1. Anonymous says:

      Manufacturer: Fender
      Model: Stratocaster
      Year: 1964
      Serial No.:
      Colour: Olympic White
      Woods: Alder body with maple neck and rosewood fingerboard
      Pickups: Original vintage pickups
      Strings: D’ addario 0.10-46 on the Sailing to Philadelphia tour 2001
      First seen with MK: 2000
      Still in MK’s possession/Last seen: Yes ( according to Guy Fletcher )

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