Schecter Dream Machine sunburst 1980 – the one stolen

The ultimate Mark Knopfler gear database: Schecter Dream Machine sunburst 1980

Model:Dream Machine (upgraded Stratocaster copy)
Serial No.: S8136
Colour:two-tone sunburst
Woods:birch body / birds-eye one-piece maple neck
Pickups:Schecter F500T
Strings:possibly 09 (Fender Extra lights ?)
First seen with MK:1980, recording of Making Movies
Still in MK’s possession/Last seen:no (stolen in 1980)


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Info: I wrote a dedicated blog post with all info we have about this guitar some time ago which you can find here. In short: this guitar was played on Tunnel of Love and was one of Mark’s favourites. Unfortunately it was stolen out of a car in Deptford so he needed a replacement to go on tour with. The replacement was his second sunburst Schecter Strat, the one you can see e.g. on the Alchemy video. Both can be distinguished easily since the stolen one had dot markers on the fretboard, the replacement had not, and the output jack was on top (normal Strat style) of the body while it was on the side at the replacement guitar.

All pictures we have of this guitar seem to be from the same photo session in their rehearsal room, at the Wood Wharf  in Greenwich.

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