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    User Pictures Gallery: Build your own MK guitar

    Posted in: by Ingo on July 11, 2013

    Show your guitar here!


    This page is meant to show all the beautiful guitars that people have built with my loaded pickguards , or the Dream Machine tremolos, or similar stuff.    Some built themselves a replica of one of Mark Knopfler’s guitars, like the red  Schecter Dream Machine, or one of the sunburst Schecters with a brass pickguard. Or they simply put it on any of their Strats to get that Schecter sound, or simply the possibility of the 26 sound combinations those three mini switches give you.

    Simple Upload

    You can easily upload your own pictures here (no registration required), and add a description for each picture. To avoid spamming, all pictures will be displayed after moderator approval.


    Click on a thumbnail to enlarge the picture. Then use the arrows under the picture (<< and >>) to go to the next or previous picture. Clicking on a picture closes the gallery.

    You can enter a desription of your picture here

    "Buy me a beer" - donate for the site via PayPal. Or buy a backing track in my online shop :)

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    10 comments to “User Pictures Gallery: Build your own MK guitar”

    1. Dale says:

      Fantastic section of the website. Really great to see everyone’s Dream Machine’s. They all look superb.

    2. Eduard says:


      Your replica is really nice! What an impressive neck! Where did you order it? Or is it a real Schecter one?

      In my case, my replica is based on a Fender Custom Shop order. I ordered the guitar based on a Time Machine 57 NOS, Candy Apple Red over a gold base coat, bird eye maple neck with 12″ radius, 6105 frets and C-shaped. The guitar is nitro finished.

      I installed Ingo’s pickguard, first the Schecter F500T pickups, but a pair of months later I decided to install the VSF-1, which I like really much more.

      Next step will be the Ingo’s Dream Machine tremolo! :-))

      Keep in touch!


    3. Ilario_seb says:

      This is a new video about my Dream Machine Replica, enjoy ;D

    4. Gunslinger says:

      Roland’s guitar is my old Schecter replica I sold a while back I think. Ended up in Germany eh? Funny. Hope you are enjoying it!

    5. Patrik says:

      Hello Ingo,

      I uploaded a few pics of my “new” Schecter Dream Machine Replica as promised. I worked a loooong time on it to get it like this. Needed a lot of sanding and some time to oil it for a “perfect” finish but it was worth the efforts! It looks and sounds just great. The VFS-1 pickguard is fantastic and offers a lot of different sound combinations. No matter which coils are combo’ed – on always get good sounds out of it.
      The walnut body gives very strong basses with very clear highs while the flame maple neck impart those sweet biting mids. Great for fingerstyle playing!
      (I play it thru a DURHAM SEX DRIVE – E.B. VOLUME PEDAL (with your M.K. MOD.) – MXR DISTORTION III – TC FLASHBACK X4 – STRYMON FLINT into a Fender Princeton Reverb ’65 Reissue (JJ tubes and a 10″ Eminence Ragin’ Cajun speaker). I easy get Knopflerish’d tones with that combination!!!!)

      Here are the specs of my SCHECTER DREAM MACHINE REPLICA:

      Walnut body (hand oiled finish)
      Flamed maple neck (stained with linseed oil and finished with oil/polyester)
      Stainless steel frets (6150 plek’d)
      MK Guitar Research brass bridge (chrome finish)
      MK Guitar Research “Sultans” pickguard (aluminium) with VFS-1 pickups
      Brass nut
      Gotoh H.A.P staggered locking tuners
      Brass string tree
      Schaller security strap lock buttons
      Self made headstock logo
      Strings D’Addario EXL+ 9.5 – 44

      It’s a DREAM MACHINE, indeed!

    6. daniel says:

      Hi mk-guitar.
      i want know (if you want) how you buy your pensa custom mk1 with the signature of Mark Knopfler?
      I explain you.
      When I saw the video on youtube, i stayed surprised, because i never saw that. A pensa mk 1 with the signature of mk.
      i would like to know how you do it.

      • Ingo says:

        That’s not my guitar so I don’t know. I guess the owner asked Mark to sign it.

        • Craig says:

          Hi Ingo

          Hope I’m talking to the same guy who has all the videos on YouTube,.. Amazing guitar playing
          I’m just wondering if you know the best way to go about buying a Schecter dream machine or if you know anyone selling or could build me one

          Thanks in advance and massive Respect to ya Knopfler style and playing


    7. Mario says:

      Thanks for the room Ingo, that’s a beautiful piece of english walnut worked by Mirko Pangrazzi of MPL guitars Devizes UK, following the Schecter era manufacturing philosophy .

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