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    Update: Soon after Sky Arts aired  Guitar Stories, the full video appeared on youtube:



    As most fans will already know,   Sky Arts 1 will broadcast Guitar Stories on October 16 at 10pm  (some more info on Guitar Stories’ facebook page). Presented by John Illsley, Mark talks about his most important guitars.

    In addition to the first trailer, a few more preview clips appeared recently which I put together for you here:


    Clips 1 – 4:
    The National Style-O

    1961 Fender Stratocaster

    Hofner V2

    Another clip, with the 1958 Les Paul, cannot be embedded. You can watch it directly on youtube.

    "Buy me a beer" - donate for the site via PayPal. Or buy a backing track in my online shop :)

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    10 comments to “Clips from Guitar Stories”

    1. Ragpicker says:

      Ingo, can you tell me what scales Knopfler uses in the first video? It´s rather unusual for his style of playing (except private investigations…).

      Maybe it´s an impulse for a new lesson of yours? 😉

    2. Eduard says:

      Hi all,

      The complete Guitars Stories featuring Mark Knopfler here:

      Enjoy it!


    3. Micky says:

      MK1 in 1980…, I guess the wine was really good lol

    4. G Chord says:

      One of a number of great guitar stories and legends is Mark’s, about his Red Strat: a guitar model with a landslide of cultural and historical reference. Thanks, Mark.

    5. Kai says:

      Great documentary! Now I’ve got the itch to try out a resonator.
      Does anyone know who makes that Les Paul style single cutaway resonator that Steve Phillips was playing at the pub jam?

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