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    Gear on all songs for all albums – WIKI

    Posted in: by Ingo on March 14, 2010

    Click on an album:

    Dire StraitsCommuniquéMaking MoviesLove over Gold
    Extended Dance PlayBrothers in Armsnotting_hillbilliesNotting Hillbilliesneck-and-neckNeck & Neck
    On Every StreetGolden HeartSailing to PhiladelphiaRagpicker’s dream
    Shangri-laroadrunningAll the RoadrunningKill to get CrimsonGet Lucky

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    4 comments to “Gear on all songs for all albums – WIKI”

    1. JMB - SF says:

      Any future updates pending?
      Love this site, was hoping the new albums would be added too.

    2. Jean-François J.Francois says:

      when I started these pages with Ingo, I wanted to do all albums including soundtracks, NHBs, etc…

      but I didn’t managed to find the time. Maybe someday…


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