Loaded pickguards now available in black

The loaded Strat pickguards in the vintage Schecter style have been available in brass and white aluminium for a while now, but from now on they are also available in black aluminium. You can chose between two versions: with the VFS-1 or the F500T-style pickups. As both are tapped pickups (two different sounds for each pickup), you will get 26 different pickup combinations and thus 26 different sounds.

The black ones are otherwise identical to the white version and have the same burnt-in enamel coating , the same high-quality toggle switches, the same extended-life quality potis, and of course the same sound. You can choose between three different metal knobs: chrome, gold, or black. The price is the same as for the white ones.

More info and more pictures in the mk-guitar.com online shop:
with Schecter-style pickups
with VFS-1 pickups

With the F500T-style pickups and chrome knobs
With the VFS-1 pickups and gold knobs

2 thoughts on “Loaded pickguards now available in black

  1. Dear Ingo,

    I’m a big fan of your work on this site and I was wondering whether you would be able to post a video + blog post about Knopfler’s brilliant leady rhythm playing on Skateaway.

    Peace out.

  2. Hi Ingo,

    I read Dylans comment above, and it’s funny because I wanted to ask the exact same thing.. I’ve been putting loads of effort in this song, and can play it pretty close (although combined with singing it’s impossible – I guess Mark played and sang this song separately), but I was always wondering how his right hand is moving. In the only live video on Youtube (Friday Live 1980), his right hand is not locked, but most of the time, it’s making a strumming move. If I do that, I certainly don’t get the sound/effect he had on the record…

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