Preview: Tunnel of Love Birch Dream Machine Strat Copy

Here are just two quick pictures of what I have been spending time with lately:


This is a body of one-piece (!) flamed (!!) birch (!!!), shaped like a Schecter Dream Machine body (yes, the shape is slightly different to a Fender body, e.g. slimmer horns and cutaways) . The neck is a one-piece birds-eye neck, the neck profile is copied from a Van Nuys era Schecter neck.

The wood is not finished at all yet, not even finally sanded. I admit I just could not wait to hear this guitar so I assembled it for a true ‘preview’. 🙂

The guitar sounds very cool !!! And before you wonder why this neck has no dots on the front (Mark’s Schecter – the one that was stolen – had dots): there are a few more bodies waiting around here, of different kinds of mahogany, birch, and ash. I have not decided yet on which body this neck will end (Mark’s other Schecters were dotless).

The flame of the wood will come out when the guitar is finished. This is the raw untreated wood (!) but you already get an idea of the flame.

Here is the video of the first soundcheck:

14 thoughts on “Preview: Tunnel of Love Birch Dream Machine Strat Copy

  1. Hi Ingo

    Do you know of anyone who can build me a Schecter Dream Machine Copy like one used on tunnel of love gold pick guard !
    Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated

    Kind Regards

  2. Looks great Ingo! I’ll be first in line to buy when you make these parts available!
    Any plans to perhaps try a side route for the input jack??
    Good luck with this–hope it comes to fruition soon!

  3. Sounds great with that Schecter bell like quality to the tone.
    So when are you gonna paint it sunburst ?

  4. Hi Ingo, beautiful sound! I bought your loaded Making Movies pickguard. Did you use any effects, like compression or delay in this video?

  5. Not sure if MK was impressed by Schecter guitars or just by the electronics ? People often quote his then-girlfriend as having introduced him to Schecter brand, but videos on youtube show her playing a Sunburst Fender Stratocaster (from the 1970s) with a Schecter pickguard (similar to the Dream Machine).

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