The VFS-1 – New pick-up for our Schecter-style pickguards

Our loaded metal pickguards are now available with a new pick-up model: the VFS-1. V stands for vintage, F for fat, (and S for Strat).

The VFS-1 with white caps for that Alchemy look

Unlike our Schecter-style pick-up (which is very close to a Schecter F500T), the new pick-up has the “normal” sized magnet pole pieces, like a vintage Strat pick-up, and can be used with a plastic cap (the F500Ts do not allow to put a cap on them). So it looks and sounds similar to the Seymour Duncan SSL1s or APS-1 that Mark Knopfler played in his red Schecter dream machine Strat. But that’s not all, the VFS-1 has also a second outer coil to create  fatter sounds, similar to the DiMarzio FS-1 that Mark Knopfler played in his red Fender of early Dire Straits days.

The VFS-1
The tapped coil for a vintage Strat sound, the full coil for a fat Strat sound

In other words, the new tapped pick-up allows two sounds that can be toggled with the up/off/down mini switches of our pickguards. You will have the same 27 sound combinations from the three mini switches as with the F500T pick-ups. In the up-position of the mini switch the sound will be  much closer to the vintage Strat sound than the thinner but bassier  sound of the F500T.

The new pick-up is also ideal for all who would like to have a DiMarzio FS-1 in the neck position of their Strat for those Single-Handed-Sailor sounds but do not want to lose the normal Strat sound. You can e.g. switch the outer coil on or off with a push-pull poti (available here) so that the overall look of the original Strat is not changed.

The price of this pick-up is the same as of our F500T-style pickups, and the loaded pickguard also costs the same as with the old type (which of course will also remain available). Sound demo clips coming soon. [edit:  here is one which A/B compares the VFS-1 to both a 1955 Strat pickup and to a DiMarzio FS-1, more to come]

See the VFS-1 in our shop.

12 thoughts on “The VFS-1 – New pick-up for our Schecter-style pickguards

  1. Great, saving up as we speak! Any chance of a demo of this set and the Haeussel humbucker please Ingo? Thanks man!

  2. Hello!
    I was just wondering if it might be possible to fit this in a left hand model? Or perhaps just have it made so it would 🙂

  3. @thomas
    Are you aware that he swapped the complete pickguards between his 61 rosewood Strat and the 62 maple neck Strat all the time?

    (see )

    So you need to specify if you are asking for the white pickguard (e.g. Rockpalast) or the greenish pickguard that originally was on the 61 Strat.

    The greenish should be the stock Fender pickups for bridge and middle, and the FS-1 in the neck position. The white one … nobody knows, best guess are stock Fender 62 vintage pickups

  4. Hi Ingo,

    As a small token of my thanks for all of your hard work providing such detailed, in depth and all around awesome info on MK, Dire Straits, and guitar I’ve “bought you a few beers”. Enough to enjoy three fine premium beverages at a bar in Sydney. Your site has been SUCH a help to me in my quest for knowledge about MK’s style, guitars, sounds etc.

    I definitely want to buy one of your loaded white aluminium pick guards but am still trying to decide between the VFS 1, the F400 Schechter style ones, a combination, or a combination with a stacked humbucker.

    Also wondering if you can source dotted/marked chrome/metal knobs for the potis?

    Last but not least, would love to know how each of your two pickups sound in the bridge position (only) with some distortion on a small amp (50w solid state or 4 watt practice tube amp for example)

    Have dashed you off a pretty long and detailed email but am happy to break it down to simple questions and post it on various parts of the site if you prefer. Please let me know.

    Any info would be fantastic. Many thanks and all the best,

    Andrew o(^-^)o

  5. Hi again Ingo,

    I couldn’t sleep tonight and I re-read/watched all your info on the pickguards and pickups and finally decided on the VFS-1.
    It’s taken me about 2 months to make the decision, I think I just needed time and lots of thought!

    I may change the bridge pickup later to a stacked humbucker but am hoping that won’t be necessary. If I do go that way I will ask your advice at the time.

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward to playing my “new” strat!

    Will post a review when I’ve spent enough time with the modded guitar.

    Thanks again, cheerio for now.

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