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Poll on what you would like to see here

I set up a poll about your wishes for future articles, it can be found under pages (so that it will be up for some time) or directly here (up to 4 possible answers).

If you have further suggestions, please use the comment function on that page (click here) instead of the one under this article. Thanks.

What should be covered in future articles?

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6 thoughts on “Poll on what you would like to see here

  1. What I really would like to see is some sort of mixture between beginner stuff and Mark Knopfler licks. So a sort of “tutorial” on how to approach Mark Knopfler style and technique.
    I play guitar now since 4 1/2 years so I still see myself as a beginner (maybe an advanced beginner) and things like playing Brothers In Arms out of the sheetbook works OK and also I claim I can play some licks from Sultans of Swing in a way you could recognize them but of course it’s still all light-years away from sounding anything like the original.

    So I would really appreciate some sort of guidance on how to approach the techniques and styles Mark Knopfler is using because I also don’t really know how to even start. There of course a lot of videos on Youtube but somehow I find it much more comprehensible the way you do it.

    PS: I voted for MK gear, MK licks, beginner stuff (due to what I just said) and general guitar related stuff BUT I really appreciate every article you write here so if I could I probably would have voted for everything 😉

  2. Hi Ingo

    Again I woukld like to let you know how much I appriciate stopping by this blog, great stuff mate, keep up the brilliant work ;o)

    I think, the most interesting things here, is when you “set the record straight” I mean there are billions of both good and bad guitarist showing “how to play knopfler licks” but 95 out of 100 is doing it incorrect on some or a lot of ways.
    You are always “spot on” and thats the big difference, that I think you should focus on in your blog. Also I think it’s great that you focus mainly on the old DS songs ;o)

    Here is a few suggestions, what I think is missing out there.

    How to play the main riff of “where do you think you are going” (I haven’t seen any one do it correctly)

    The lick in Sultans at 01:05 that is played incorrect by most guitarist I think.

    Well it was just to illustrate what I meant, like you have done previos in this blog it in my opinion really quality stuff, thanks again Ingo ;o)

  3. Just to add something to my comment: When talking about a “guide” to Knopfler style and technique I am particulary interested in what the picking hand does because that’s so difficult to find out. What the fretting hand does is quite easy to find out (see sheetbooks and so on) compared to what the picking hand does.

    So if you ever did an article or two focusing on what the picking hand does (maybe a general advice on how to practice this special way of playing as he always does it with his thumbs and only index and middle finger) I would be extremly grateful! Thanks again for all the great articles!

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