First demo of the VFS-1 pickguard

After the last video in which I already  compared the VFS-1 pickup to a 1955 Fender Strat pickup and to the DiMarzio FS-1, here is a first demo of the complete Schecter-style pickguard with the VFS-1 pickups. I was jamming in the Mark Knopfler style over a self-produced 2 chords backing groove on my metallic pink Strat, which is mainly a 1983 Japanese vintage Squier but with a new bird’s eye maple neck. You are hearing the combination of neck & middle pickups, the switches are in the up position (tapped coil). More demos of others of the 26 possible sound combinations will follow.

One thought on “First demo of the VFS-1 pickguard

  1. Ingo, they sound superb! Amazing. VERY Schecter. Can we have more demos please!!!
    How can I afford this set and the F400/F500 set! But I want both!

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