Jamming with the BOSS DR-80

The BOSS DR-80 is an astonishing little device with a vey high fun-factor. In short, it is a digital 8-track multitrack recorder with a lot of effects, and at the same time a virtual band  with a great number of jam grooves. And maybe the most astonishing feature is the price which is just about 200 Euros.

I already had a lot of fun with this little device. Here are two spontaneous jam videos that were created with nothing but the effects and grooves from the device. Partly I even used the suggested effects and amp simulation for the backing tracks, without any further editing.


2 thoughts on “Jamming with the BOSS DR-80

  1. I am currently searching a device to jam alone at home.
    I already have a Tonelab ST with effects/amps/cabinets/ simulations

    I get a little bit tired of backing tracks found on YT, so I want to jam over my own riff ideas. But I want something simple “plug & play” not a DAW because you have to turn on your computer, then recording, then replay, etc….

    what I want is :
    – recordings overdubs, but also playing “live” at the same time
    – rhythm patterns
    – headphone output
    – being able to save recordings/backing tracks

    at first I was going for a looper : the jamman stereo

    then I discovered the digitech Trio Band creator :
    sounds great ! and unlike many looper, it provides a bass line !
    but on the other hand you can’t record overdubs, and you can’t save

    the must is the Trio+ :
    it combines the Trio and a looper !
    I think it fits exactly with what I am looking for : i can jam immediately, playing loops, and save backing tracks !
    but almost 300€….so I have to wait a little bit….

    the Boss DR-80 seems to be more for recordings ? What would it bring to me more than Reaper on my PC ?
    If I want to jam immediately, I think I can choose backing tracks pre-recorded, but if I want to play just few chords progression and then jam over it, ist it easy to do wit this device ? or is it no his purpose ?
    another thing : I can’t control it with footswitch ?

    any advices ?

  2. Hi Ingo.
    Great sound, great play.
    Can you tell me the preset that you use in the firs video for that sound?

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