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Simple trick to meaure neck thickness with strings on

Recently I wanted to measure the neck thickness of some of my guitars. I was surprised to find something as trivial as this to turn out to be rather difficult job. The strings always hindered my calipers from lying flat against the neck surface, no matter how I tried.

I solved the problem with the help of a little battery that turned out as the ideal tool to help with the job:

Tricky job: string hinder the calipers
Take a little battery (here an AG13) and set the calipers to zero
Place the battery between the strings…
… and measure neck thickness.

3 thoughts on “Simple trick to meaure neck thickness with strings on

    1. Actually the trick with the battery works great, I’ve tried it a few times already and could always take some precise measurements. Taking the strings off is sometimes way too time consuming.

  1. Duh..why did I not think of this? It’s why we have tare function on weighing scales. Thank you…

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