Two great Bob Dylan videos from the Infidels recording session

Here are two videos from the official Bob Dylan Youtube channel, posted some months ago already. It is only a mimic session for a promotional video but it is from the original recording session at the New York Power station recording studio in  April/May 1983. And it features an alternate mix of the two songs, plus various other differences from the released album version, like different vocal takes.

For ‘gear-investigators’ like us, the shooting from the recording session reveals a lot of interesting details. Mark plays his red Schecter, more of Mark’s guitars can be seen standing behind him: the sunburst S8001 Schecter, the blue Fernandes, the Gibson Chet Atkins electric-classical, and a red Schecter with a red headstock, a rosewood fingerboard, and golden (I think) hardware that was never seen before, or after. On about 3:00 in the video of ‘Don’t fall apart on me tonight’ you can also see the 212 Music Man amp Mark used a lot in those days.

There are guitar cases, gear, cables and stuff all over the place (who says rock stars cannot be messy too), let us know if you find more interesting stuff in the comments here.

Mark was the producer of the album but he was not present when the mixing was done, and when Dylan re-recorded some vocals, as Mark had to tour in Germany in May ’83. Mark said he was not that happy with the final mix, and that he has some rough mixes – I guess like these two – that were amazing, including two different versions (band version and Mark/Dylan accoustic version) of one of his favourite songs from the session, ‘Blind Willie McTell’.


2 thoughts on “Two great Bob Dylan videos from the Infidels recording session

  1. I think the red head stock guitar is Fenders “The Strat” as they came out in 80 and ended in 83.

  2. Knopfler had 4 Schecters for the Love Over Gold Tour (interview given in december 1982 to a french guitar magazine): two red, one sunburst and a black tele. So, The schecter with rosewood fingerboard and matching headstock could be the next (last?) order that included the walk of life tele.

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