John Illsley’s photo stream on flickr

Today I surfed into some early Dire Straits photos I have never seen before on These belong to – guess who – Dire Straits’ bass player John Illsley. He has his own photo channel there. Check out!

John Illsley’s photo stream

Update: I meanwhile also found a comment from John about these pictures on his great looking site at

Dire Staits in 1978

Thanks to Henk for sending me photos from 1978 of the Straits in Greenwich, London, standing in the mud after the tide had gone out. You can look at them on our Flickr page.

We were rehearsing at The Wood Wharf Studios for a UK tour at the time, which was a short walk from the flat that me, Mark and David used to share in Deptford. As you can see, food was pretty scarce in those days!

If I remember rightly, some of these pictures ended up in Time Out.

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