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Guitar and amp used for the solos on One World

I recently got a reliebable information about the guitar and the amp that Mark used for the solos in the song One World of Dire Straits’ Brothers in Arms album (studio version, 1985).

I put up a quiz with five possible question for you to find out the answer, hoping this way you have some fun and can check if your ears and general knowledge are good enough to let you guess the correct answer.

I don’t know which comments will be made and if the solution will be discussed there, so better do not look at these before doing the quiz.


What was the guitar and the amp on "One world" (solos, studio version) ?

10 thoughts on “Guitar and amp used for the solos on One World

  1. Woo hoo – got it right. Just had a listen again and it was clear from the first note what style of guitar it was, then it was just a process of elimination 😉

  2. Well I never knew that! Great sound! Any more information going to be posted about that Ingo?

  3. ahh great info ! 🙂
    at first (well som decades ago) I thought it was a Les Paul, like on BIA.
    around 2000, Ingo you said to me it sounded like a strat, and I re-discovered this song.

    I like it very much, especially the studio verions, with Tony Levin’s bass.
    the guitar tone is “dirty”, and the licks are great IMHO
    I know that many people on AMIT claim that’s it’s Mark’s worst song, but I don’t care about lyrics meaning, I love this bluesy-rock tune !
    nevertheless, I think that live, it was a bit “too much”. Hard-rocking tones doesn’t fit to Mark’s style IMHO.

    until last week, I thought it was the sunburst schecter, but when I read your “recent reliable info” and the J.Sonni’s guitar choice in the quizz, I immediately understood that it was this one.

    after all these years, we can always be surprised by infos like these !

    I just would say, that even protagonists of a recording can’t be sure, 25 years after.
    Maybe Jack remember of differents tests during sessions, but is he sure to recall the exact setup for the final take ?
    I always quote Mark saying in a french itw that he used the 54 strat on trawlerman song. Maybe he recalled having tried differents things during sessions, before finally choosing the Les Paul. Sometimes, even the musician himself isn’t accurate about his own gear, so….

    however, I think we can rely on Jack’s info.

    Just wonder : what do you mean by “foam” ? is the body coated of foam ?

    Is it the one we can see in the SFA clip ? or is it the left-handed one ?

  4. I would choose between two of the options: sunburst schecter over mesa boogie or green schecter over jim keelley.

    Option 2 eliminated because we are not considering a les paul song here
    Option 4 eliminated because it is unklikely to obtain that tone with a vibrolux
    Option 5 is absurd bwecause we didn’t have MK signature stratocasters back then

    Thanks very much for the info, I would never guess it was Jack’s strat on this one.


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