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I am planning various new products and projects for the next weeks or months, and just thought you might be interested in what is coming. I must say I found myself involved in more and more different ideas lately, but as what is basically a “one-man company” it is often difficult for me to keep them all going at the same time. Whenever I dig more intensively into one thing I have to delay other projects but – well, I think this is the way things simply are. So what is going on?

MK61 pickups

There are probably enough companies who make clones of pre-CBS Fender pickups but I found that the pickups in Mark’s red Fender Strat of the early Dire Straits era had some unique features that I would like to have for my personal guitar as well (to be precise I should say the pickups in Mark’s greenish pickguard – the one with the black volume knob – as he used to swap this pickguard from one of his two Strats to the other frequently). It seems that other fans often like the same stuff as me – no wonder, we all want the same sound – I thought to offer these to everyone. What I am talking about is a Strat pickup that is not only a faithful replica of a 1961 Fender pickup but also has all  features that differ from pickup to pickup – like pole pieces height for example – as close as they were in Mark’s guitar. It’s a bit too early to tell what other details I have in mind, but there will be some that make not only an cosmetical difference but also a subtle sound difference. Planned for summer 2014.

Walk of Life Telecaster set

You know that I have the Walk of Life pickups – replicas of the tapped Schecter pickups of the Van Nuys era Dream Machine Teles, and I already offer brass or white aluminium pickguards for such Tele clones. You need two push/pull potis to switch the pickup taps, and do some soldering for these. So I am planning to offer pickups and the metal pickguards as a set including the control plate (of course from brass like Schecters then) with all controls and switches already wired. So it is easy to turn any Tele style guitar into a Dream Machine copy with the sound of these. One set will have the golden brass pickguard and control plate, another one the white aluminium pickguard with a chrome plated brass control plate. Planned for summer 2014.

Walk of Life Telecaster bridges

A major part of the Dream Machine sound comes from the brass bridges that I already offer for the Strat. We still need a brass Tele bridge with the typical brass saddles to get the real Walk of Life sound. These will be available in brass and chrome-plated brass. Coming summer 2014.

Serial number plates

So many of you built yourself Dream Machine clones but a nice little detail to have might be the matching serial number neck plate. Maybe we are moving more into the “mad fans only” area here, but many of you already asked for these so I thought to offer them not only with the different serial numbers of Mark’s most important Dream Machines (of course of brass or chrome-plated brass) but also for the red Fenders of the early Dire Straits days (chrome-plated steel). Also hopefully available in summer 2014.

Van Nuys Dream Machine style bodies

Mark’s Dream Machine Strats all had bodies from rather unusual woods, and not from ash or alder like Fenders. But not only the kind of wood was different. Did you sometimes have the impression that for example the horns on Mark’s guitars were somewhat different, or other contours? In fact the horns, the cutaways, the edges, the forearm and belly contours, even the size was different on the Van Nuys Dream Machines. I am not talking about drastic differences but about many details, some subtle,  some rather clear. As it seems bodies with these specs are not available anywhere, I thought to produce some by myself, of course from high quality tone wood. I already have the first prototypes 🙂

Probably I will offer them unfinished and finished. With the unfinished bodies you can not only see the wonderful wood, you can also let it be finished by yourself in the quality (nitro, poly,..) you want, or are willing to pay. In fact the original nitro finish is very expensive as it is extremely labour intensive ( I heard Fender estimates nitro finishing costs at about one third of the price of the complete guitar). I might offer them with such a high quality finish neverthelessl. First bodies (unfinished) might be available in summer 2014.

And before you ask for matching necks (birdseye maple): yes, makes sense, we will see .. 🙂

Loaded Dream Machine Strat pickguard in chrome finish

In addition to the loaded brass, white and black enamel aluminium loaded pickguards, I will produce some with chrome plating. However, as there seems only little demand for this non-Knopfler related finish, these will be limited, with more in case of a demand for more. Summer 2014…

Guitar tutorial DVD

Many readers asked me for tutorials, e.g. for the MK style right hand techniques.  I thought to start with these on a DVD, but still cannot say for sure when this will be available. Possibly autumn 2014.

18 thoughts on “Coming new products

  1. Sounds fantastic! I’m looking forward to the Dream Machine bodies and serial number plates (will the neck plates come with schecter engraving or only the serial number?).

    1. Dream machine neck plates had NO Schecter engraving, just a serial number like S8xxx at the bottom end of the plate. The ones with Schecter on it were Dallas era.

  2. Great! BTW, do we know the body wood of sunburst Schecter (not the stolen one)?

  3. Great news Ingo. I like that you’re getting the brass neck plates made too. Nice detailed touch.

  4. Great news Ingo! Can’t wait for the Dream machine’s Body and the Telecaster’s set!
    By the way, i’m an italian graphic designer, actually i’m working with the italian’s biggest site about music, if you are interested i can do some advertising for your’s new products to put on your site, banners and stuff like that, you can see some example at
    (i’ve made banner for brand like schecter, shure, audiothecnica, ecc.), and in those site i’ve made all the visual about that. Sorry my bad english 😉

  5. Greetings from troubled Ukraine! I really appreciate what you’re doing, Ingo, especially educational stuff. Looking forward for the DVD. Mark is one of the most complicated guitar players there is. Though theoretically and harmonically his music is simple, his timbre and guitar “voice” is a whole world to explore and to study. A good insight on his right hand technique would be much appreciated!

  6. Hi Hingo,

    How is going the dvd project?
    May we suggest topics on techniques or songs to deal with?

    Kind regards

  7. This sounds amazing it’d be great to get some schecter replica parts from someone who cares about the guitar. Danke schon.

  8. Why not also sell the brass and Aluminium scratchplates seperately.
    I built a Schecter strat clone but it has a plastic scratchplate that i made.
    If i could get it in metal ( black aluminium ) i would buy one for sure.
    And a white one. And probably the brass one too !
    And later i could buy the tunnel of love pickups. Its just 400 euro
    is a lot of money in one go. And if i could build my own scratchplate assembly
    as i get money. That would be better !

  9. Any news on the availability of the DM Bodies? I would love to build a TOL clone and already have some genuine old Schecter hardware, scratch plate/pups, tremblock etc.

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